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Hello, my name is

Ash Loudon


I love awesome design and typography. That's why I have the best job in the world.


Here are a few logos I've created...


Client: Defcon 3

The design for this classsic VW specialist is a nod towards the post-war German and Austrian recovery services. The design remained uncluttered in order that it could be transfered to stickers and print without modification.


Client: Salt Light

This design aims to impart a healthy and fresh feel to this low sodium salt alternative. The dolphin incorporation was necessary due to the company's links with another brand in whose logo the dolphin is a central part.


Client: Fulcrum Design

A clean design accomplished using tight typographic choices. The pivot point is emphasised using striking green, but the underlying message is that the company has balance by having firm foundations in strong design. The use of uppercase characters help to reinforce this message.

A small selection of Internets...

salt light

Client: Salt Light

The design for the site followed the logo and continues to portray a healthy, natural impression. The site was built using Wordpress in order to allow the client to manage content.

Made with:
HTML 5, CSS3, Wordpress, lots of coffee
kustom kolors

Client: Kustom Kolors

Kustom Kolors have a reputation for producing bodywork of the highest standards. The company has a strong brand that is reflected throughout the website.

Made with:
scc global

Client: SCC Global Consulting

With an incredibly high-profile client base, SCCG needed an uncluttered and business-like site that projected their position as one of the country's leading security consultancies.

Made with:
HTML 5, CSS3, Cufon text replacement

This is a (very) small selection of my photographs...

I am often found at Volkswagen and drag racing events
photos photos photos photos photos photos
I grabbed some interesting stuff while in Afghanistan in 2011
photos photos photos photos photos photos
This section wouldn't be complete without a picture of my dog, Ziggy

I drive a team as well as I drive Photoshop


I spent a while in uniform

Being in the Army taught me a great deal about working under pressure and getting results. I've managed to shrug the tendancy to eat out of mess tins and dig holes in the garden. However, I do still like a nicely pressed shirt.


Complexity demands organisation

Creating plans that deliver results is a real skill. My skills are enhanced by being a PRINCE2 Practitioner, although I am adamant that this methodology simply provides a structure to the plan, rather than become a driving force.


I'm comfortable with uncertainty

Plans are only ever as good as those that drive them to conclusion. I have practical leadership experience in spades, so when the inevitable happens (and the wheels fall off) we can get the project back on course and still be home in time for tea and medals.

I've worked with some nice folk

"Ash undertook to design and build the SCCG Consulting website. His approach to the analysis was wholly professional, rapidly developing a detailed understanding of our business and website requirements"

Michael Fuller - SCC Global

"Ash did a great job of the new website. Working with our existing style, he created a site that looks and feels just how we wanted. He kept us well informed and went to great efforts to ensure we felt connected with the project throughout."

Colin Ware - Kustom Kolors

"Ash listened to my company's website requirements and the result is far beyond what we thought possible. Thoroughly professional, he brings with him a fresh and dynamic approach providing considered advice and excellent support and we have no hesitation in recommending him."

Celia Wood - Salt Light


Things that caught my eye

Everyday's a schoolday

I've been keeping my skills up to date using the simply epic Treehouse. I've got more badges than an insomniac Boy Scout:

treehouse treehouse treehouse treehouse treehouse treehouse treehouse treehouse treehouse

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